First blog post

Words are all I have. 
Just a little initiative to put into words what I feel, what I observe, what I see!


What “pain’ actually is!

The pain caused is non-pareil. It’s pain and it will be felt no matter how you try to overcome or suppress it or if you have a big heart even if you address it… It will hit you at the very time, at a point that nothing is in control at that very moment, neither rolling of your endless tears down your cheeks nor dripping of it from the chin.
One not performing his daily chores or activities, one not mourning over it, one not sleeping over it, one not starving, one not bursting out of pain, it does not mean that one is not in pain. Pain is there but maybe it is on “silent mode” and at times the vibration of silent mode hits you and make you buzz all over!
For a solution of anything in the world, one needs to know the cause of the problem. *Sighs* The funny part here is that you don’t know the cause.
You don’t know the answer to a question that has overtaken mind “why it happened?” This why is the most killing part. Or maybe there is no need to look into the reason, why!
Happening itself is so evident and its effects have occupied the mind with pain that answer to ‘why’ would not soothe it any away.  The only choice we are left with…the only thing we can put on blame is “life”. We end up saying that “Life did this to me”!
And how will it be solved? Will it be ever solved? Is there any end to it? No matter who caused it, why it happened but it has happened and will remain this way.
It’s not going anywhere.
Oh! they say it will go away? They might say it will go away. But darling! actually, they are just trying to cheer you up.
Same is what pain does to you, to me by playing hide and seek! It does not go away, it only for sometimes hides away…that hiding away part make your soul just a little more heavier.